Zsaru! A warrior cats rpg! High ranks still available!

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Zsaru! A warrior cats rpg! High ranks still available!

Post by Pinefrost on Fri Aug 29, 2014 12:50 am

Zsaru is a warrior cats role play based on the series by Erin Hunter. We are particularly beginner to semi-literate, but we welcome any type of role players! We especially love to hear from advanced role players who like to help out those who are not as advanced. We pride ourselves on being a fun, welcoming community full of adverse people, who all enjoy one thing: to pretend to be warriors! Warriors are cats who live in groups called Clans, and among those Clans are various ranks, the highest rank being the Leader. Every full moon, these cats meet at Gatherings, and discuss what the Clans have been up to. Sometimes among the Clans, fights and battles break out. Zsaru is set in the old territories, but after Firestar existed, long story short the humans never came and destroyed the territories. Zsaru formed in July, 2014.



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