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Post by StarClan on Mon Aug 05, 2013 3:57 am

A sickness that is like a human cold. Symptoms are just coughs and sneezes, though it can be dangerous to kits or young cats.
Best Treatment: Tansy.

A sickness similar to pneumonia that is often rampant among the Clans in leaf-bare. Symptoms include wheezing, coughing, pus excreted from the eyes, sneezing, fever, and green phlegm streaming from the nose.
Best Treatment: Catmint and feverfew.

A mild sickness like a cold. More common than greencough, but can become greencough or even the fatal blackcough. Symptoms include sneezing, coughing, white phlegm streaming from the nose, and a slightly high temperature.
Best Treatment: Catmint.

A fatal, fairly rare sickness that spells certain death for any cat who catches it. Symptoms are intense chest pain, wheezing, and coughing.
Best Treatment: Catmint.

A very mild ailment usually caused by very cold weather or falling into icy water. Much like whitecough, but with cold chills instead of fever.
Best Treatment: Catmint, feverfew, and lavender .

Cracked Pads:
A painful ailment usually seen in elderly cats. The paw pads crack from cold or dryness, and if untreated can lead to infection. Symptoms include swelling of the paws and pain.
Best Treatment: Marigold, Dock, and poppy seed if there is pain.

Stiff or Aching Joints/Muscles:
Caused by age or damp weather. Symptoms include pain and stiffness.
Best Treatment: Anything that cures pain other than poppy seeds.

Blood loss due to injury, such as a wound sustained in battle. Severity depends on injury.
Best Treatment: Cobwebs pressed onto the wound. If scratch or bite, use marigold or other herbs like it to prevent infection.

The case of eating deathberries, poisoned fresh-kill, or a snakebite.
Best treatment: Yarrow, stinging nettle, and in the case of getting bite by a snake root.

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