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Post by Sparrowflight on Sun Oct 20, 2013 1:36 pm

Sparrowflight chased a rabbit across the open moorland and as she caught up with it she noticed, out the corner of her eye a bulky, back and white striped figure lumbering towards her.... she stopped in her paw-steps.... and turned her head.......... she then let out a yowl of surprise... A BADGER!! It fled, going faster than she had ever seen any badger go before. She stood there as though frozen to the place she stood..... a heartbeat later she bolted after the badger....... as soon as she caught up she leaped upon the badger's back and raked her claws down its sides the badger then rolled onto its back almost crushing her, she loosened her grip on the badger but that was all the badger needed to get away without her clinging to its back...... it rolled over, got on it's paws, and lumbered into the Abandoned Badger set, leaving her winded lying in the grass.... as soon as she caught her breath she raced back to the wind clan camp, to report to Silverstar that the Abandoned Badger set isn't as abandoned as they all thought...........

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