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The Owl Tree Empty The Owl Tree

Post by StarClan on Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:46 am

The Owl Tree is a massive oak, not far from ThunderClan camp, and close to Fourtrees. It is just across the stream from the sandy hollow. The tree is rather tall and has a hole in its trunk higher up, that is home to an owl who scatters its pods on the ground below. When prey is scarce, and on windy nights, warriors look to see where the owl is hunting so that they may find prey. Before cats knew how to hunt well at night, an apprentice of ThunderClan used to go to the Owl Tree and watch the tawny owl who was living there. He learned all the secrets of night hunting this way and soon became known as Owlpaw. He passed on these secrets to his apprentices and warriors when he became deputy and then leader, later to be known as Owlstar.

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