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Gestures    Empty Gestures

Post by StarClan on Mon Aug 05, 2013 3:56 am

•Lick below the chin: “I want you forever!”
•Lick on the nose: “Do you want to play?”
•Rubs tail anywhere: Flirty, comforting or curious.
•Rubbing against you: “I like you.”/“Don’t worry.”/“I love you.”
•Licking constantly: Cleaning.
•Flat ears: “Back off!”
•Bares teeth: “Get away from me!"
•Lunging at you: “Back off now!”
•Roll on your back: “You are stronger than me, I respect you.”
•Tail tucked: Scared.
•Growling/Hissing/Spitting: Angry or accenting
•Touching noses: “I like you!”
•Lick on the cheek: “I really like you.”
•Lick on the ear: Comforting.
•Lick on forehead: “I love you!”/“Will you be my mate?”
•Brushing tail on back or flank: Calming.
•Lick under/on belly: “I want kits.”
•Touching nose to cheek: “I’m happy for you”/Comforting.
•Nuzzle: Comfort/“You’re hilarious!”
•Touch nose to cheek: “I’m glad you’re here.”
•Lick own chest fur: To hide embarrassment.
•Lick on the shoulder: Respect.
•Lick on the tail: “Will you be my mate?”
•Twitch of the Whiskers: "Amused"


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