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Post by StarClan on Mon Aug 05, 2013 3:20 am

The Rules!


  • Respect each other and treat others like you would like to be treated. Being nice to one another is key to making this a fun Roleplay and remember to separate the drama IC from the drama OOC and don't make a big deal over IC events.
  • No cussing UNLESS IT IS WARRIOR CUSSES [such as mousebrain, foxdung] and in the chat box, the word hell is acceptable if you speak of the place.
  • Remember that you can only have one account per character and that if you are caught being different people, you will be banned from the site. If you are siblings and share a computer, that is fine.
  • Please remain active if you are going to join this site!
  • Please have at least thread words in your OOC messages not in the chatbox.
  • Please, if you are too busy with work and school that you fall inactive, inform us so the site itself won't become inactive. (**Credit goes to Insanityclaw)


  • No fighting, if you have an issue with another player, PM them about it or contact an admin.
  • Please remember no cussing.
  • The chatbox is a privilege, not a right and it can be taken away from you for excessive rule breaking.


  • No powerplaying, godmoding or metagaming [no auto hits, using OOC information as IC information and lastly, no having 'god like' powers]
  • No mary or gary sues [no perfect characters]
  • Please post at least 5 sentences with IC posts.


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