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The Tall Pines Empty The Tall Pines

Post by StarClan on Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:42 am

Tallpines is located very close to Twolegplace in the ThunderClan forest territory. It is a controlled forest, grown for the purpose of wood for Twolegs. In the midst of Tallpines is Treecutplace, described below. Since it is controlled, the ground nearby is always bare, and can be a good spot to hunt for prey. The ground is also thick with layers of prickly, dead needles. Treecut place is a logging mill where Twolegs bring trees that were cut down by their monsters to be cut for them to use. This Treecut place monster can be heard while cats come near. It is very close to Tallpines. Tigerclaw stated that the monsters spew enough poison to "make a kit go blind". The Twoleg scent can already be scented here, as it drifts through the trees.

Tallpines consists of numerous rows of tall, straight, shady, pine trees. They were planted by Twolegs so they could be cut down and used to build things. There is little undergrowth here, so warriors have to be careful when hunting in the area. Prey can easily be spotted here, but so can the hunters (cats). The forest floor is flat, and puddles are very muddy and unhealthy to drink here.

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